Add me to search: Google new feature | People Card on Google Search

Add me to search is a very new feature of Google launched in India on 11 August 2020, Using this feature you can create your virtual visiting card on Google. Now you can a short information about you on Google, anyone can find it.

This add me to search of Google is also known as People card on Google search. For the people who want to be found easily on Google now can add about them. People card on Google search will be very helpful for small business and freelancers as they will be visible on Google with small information.

Now you can create a virtual visiting card on Search and highlight information like your existing website, social profiles, location etc, and even a phone number and email address if you want – basically, anything you want to share on about you on a visiting card.

Previously Google was showing information about popular people but now you don’t need to be famous to visible on Google search results. Recently Google has launched People Cards, which are like virtual visiting cards of sorts, that can help you be found online more easily.

A tweet by Google about Add me to search

Google informed this add me to search feature today morning and named it as People card on Google search. People card on Google launched in India today morning, you can see the tweet by Google.

How to Create People Card on Google

It’s very easy to create your own virtual visiting card on Google; just follow these steps below and create your own people card on Google Search.

Add me to search

Steps to create People for Card on Google search

  1. Go to Google and search “add me to search” or go through this link directly
  2. Click on Get Started or you can click on view example to see some demo
  3. Fill details like Name, About, Occupation, Education, Home town etc
  4. Click on Preview, now you can see a preview of your People card of Google Search
  5. Then click on Save button
  6. Your People card on Google search will be visible to all after some time
  7. People can now find you on Google very easily

Now people can find you online on Google more easily.

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